Sustainability at Marbacher Ölmühle

Our mission

We have made it our goal to fully utilize our raw material. We try to purchase our seeds in such a quality as to be able to produce two different products. Thus, a sunflower seed becomes an edible oil as well as a plant textured protein with which we want to inspire people and encourage them to reconsider their meat consumption. We only have one planet earth, which must be preserved for future generations.

Sustainability at work: two for one!

Our goals

Reducing packaging waste

As a producer of bulk containers, we already consume little packaging. But there is always potential for improvement! We are working together to develop a process that makes the recycling of BigBags agreed with food safety possible. Here we have set ourselves the goal of saving 10% by 2025.

Customer Satisfaction and Quality

Customer satisfaction and quality are most important to us. That is why we are implementing IFS Global Market Food certification in 2023. With this higher standard, our quality is also assured at a higher level.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees that are happy and satisfied with their workplace are reliable and great workers. This ensures the elaboration of products with the best quality, which in turn leads leads to customer satisfaction. This is our top priority. As sustainable corporate management is important to us, we conduct employee development reviews and employee surveys at regular intervals.

Our engagement