Premium flours

We have been pressing organic premium vegetable oils since 1899. We attach great importance to the origin and quality of our oilseeds as well as to the careful processing.
Our range includes quality flours that we produce from the press cake of high-quality oil seeds. We finely grind the press cake into healthy flours. Depending on the seed, the flours are rich in proteins and / or fiber as well as other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
The flours are natural, healthy, organic, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.  

On request, we will be happy to check the availability of our products.

Apricot kernel flour, de-oiled, organic

Protein content 47%
Fiber content 22%

This slightly nutty flour is made from high-quality, sweet apricot kernels. It is rich in proteins as well as minerals. The flour tastes wonderfully like marzipan. The apricot kernel flour is ideal as a baking ingredient and for refining smoothies.

Peanut flour, de-oiled, organic and conventional

Protein content 48%
Fiber content 14%

This light yellowish and finely ground flour is made from dried and roasted peanuts. Due to its protein content of 50%, it is ideal for flavoring muesli, baked goods, sauces and smoothies and impresses with its fine nutty taste.
Hemp flour, de-oiled, organic

Protein content 32%
Fiber content 42%
high binding property
The hemp flour is produced from the seeds of the hemp plant. The high fiber content makes it a good binder. It tastes slightly nutty and is good for baking. It can also be used in sweets and mueslis.
Hemp protein, de-oiled, organic

Protein content 48%
Fiber content 23%

The hemp protein is produced from the seeds of the hemp plant. The seeds are gently pressed, the press cake grounded and the powder finely sifted. The high proportion of vegetable proteins is the ideal protein supplement. It tastes slightly nutty and is also suitable for baking or in smoothies.
Pumpkin seed flour de-oiled, organic and conventional

Protein content 58%
Fiber content 13%

Compared to other oil flours, pumpkin seed flour has one of the highest proportions of protein. This tasty flour is especially suitable for the protein enrichment of smoothies and in the low-carb kitchen.
Flax flour yellow, de-oiled, organic and conventional

Protein content 31%
Fiber content 39%
high binding property
This neutral-tasting flour is the all-rounder among the vegetable oil flours. Its balanced nutrient profile and its binding properties make our linseed oil from yellow seeds the perfect companion in the low-carb kitchen. This unique flour is ideal in baking mixes and vegan spreads.
Sunflower meal de-oiled, organic and conventional

Protein content 46%
Fiber content 18%

Sunflower flour is the ideal flour for gluten-free products. This beautiful flour is particularly suitable in light-colored baking mixes. Its excellent nutrient profile enhances all baked goods. In addition, this protein-rich flour can be used for meat and fish substitute products, porridge, smoothies, pasta, snacks, muesli and low-carb cuisine.


Our special flours

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Apricot kernel flour

Sunflower meal


 We also have special flours. For specific inquiries please contact us directly. We would be happy to clarify the availability.