Natural meat substitute based on sunflower and broad bean flour for easy handling. Discover the world of meat substitutes - naturally allergen-free!

  • granules

    The ideal plant-based alternative to minced meat, which, thanks to its texture and processing, can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of dishes, such as a delicious bolognese. Developed for the catering industry and canteens, the open surface also enables lightning-fast preparation without the hassle of pre-soaking.

  • stripes

    Whether in aromatic curries, as a crispy topping or as a substitute for kebab meat - our strips are the perfect, versatile innovation for your kitchen. Whether fried, boiled or cold vacuum sealed - enjoy the flexibility and taste in all your favorite dishes.

  • Granules (2.5mm)

    With its slightly closed surface, this texture is particularly suitable for preserving dishes and storing them airtight over longer periods of time. It retains its shape and quality. Discover this practical solution for long-lasting stability and unadulterated texture!

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