World Wildlife Day

Today is World Wildlife Day. The action and commemoration day is intended to draw attention to the need to protect and preserve our habitats and the animals and plants that live in them. In Germany, every third animal and plant species is endangered, in the case of vertebrates it is even two out of three species. Numerous species are threatened with extinction, including almost a fifth of all butterfly species. At Marbacher Ölmühle, we are very aware of the importance of bees, bumblebees and insects as pollinators and part of our ecosystem. What can we do against the dramatic decline in natural biodiversity? With the creation of flowering areas, we not only support the protection of the bees, but also the preservation of biological diversity. More and more natural habitats for insects and other creatures are disappearing due to the expansion of monocultures, settlements and roads. There are numerous flowers and plants favored by bees and other important insects, such as: lemon balm, parsley, aniseed, sage, thyme and lavender. #WorldWildlifeDay #MarbacherÖlmühle