Warum ist die Sonnenblume besonders nachhaltig?

Why is the sunflower particularly sustainable?

Sustainability affects us all. Together we are responsible for the world in which we live today and tomorrow.
We also want to leave our grandchildren a place worth living in and set an example for how this place will remain worth living in for a long time. We are therefore increasingly dealing with the various aspects of sustainable corporate management and are developing a strategy that includes the central pillars of ecological, economic and social sustainability for us. In cooperation with the Center for Sustainable Corporate Management (ZNU), we are already preparing a life cycle assessment with which we make our process optimizations and solutions measurable. In doing so, we want to reduce our ecological footprint in the long term, suggest various starting points for sustainable action to our employees and business partners and create greater awareness for shaping our future. Not only the reduction of CO2 is important, but also the sustainable management of employees - so it is important to us that our employees feel comfortable with us.
In addition, we want to pursue the regional procurement of high-quality raw materials more in the future. Less CO₂ emissions through short transport routes are a key reason for regional procurement. But it is also about the proximity to the farmers, the possibility of joint projects and the associated promotion of regional structures.
We are pleased to be able to take this important step together with you and look forward to the results we will soon be able to share with you.
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