Vegetarische Alternativen zu Fleisch

Vegetarian alternatives to meat

Vegetarian alternatives to meat

05.09.2019 07:00


Meat substitute products are booming, even among non-vegetarians. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the climate and their health and want to lead an ecologically acceptable lifestyle. This includes eating a plant-based diet and usually finding alternatives to meat.

According to a July 2019 study by Mintel, 19% of adults in Italy, Spain and France have bought more plant-based foods in the last 12 months than in the same period last year. And in the UK, 34% of 16 to 24 year old meat eaters said they would reduce their meat consumption.

Protein values are an important aspect of meat alternatives. With their high content, seed flours from the Marbacher Ölmühle are an excellent source of vegetable protein.

Our flours can also be used to make delicious meat substitutes, e.g. B. Vegetarian burgers. The Marbacher flours not only convince with their excellent taste, but also provide valuable fiber, minerals and vitamins in addition to proteins. Our products are 100% natural, low-carb, lactose-free and vegan. The gold flax, for example, has a high binding and swelling properties and is also ideal as a natural stabilizer.

Load up here our recipe for a veggie burger.

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