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Up-to-date from South America – our fresh and cold-pressed organic safflower oil from the seeds of the safflower. Get your hands on it and benefit from the excellent quality.

We also present valuable products from our new Marbacher range flours and proteins, made from premium oilseeds.

Our sales team in Marbach is with us Daniel Pichler a competent reinforcement receive. He is now your contact for our quality oils and flours pressed in Marbach. To contact him for more information. He will be happy to provide you with information.





Cold-pressed organic safflower oil from a new harvest

From a new harvest and freshly pressed - our safflower oil from organic farming. We make our safflower oil from the seeds of the safflower. In previous years, we have only purchased seeds of the highest quality from our grower in Argentina. Take advantage today!

Compared to other edible oils, safflower oil has the highest proportion of essential fatty acids on. It also contains up to 80% conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), which can have a positive effect on body fat regulation. Safflower oil has an excellent combination of different ingredients and is rich in vitamin E, for example, which is a valuable antioxidant. In addition, vegetable oils are very healthy and have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

Safflower oil is used in many different ways in cosmetics: It is a popular massage oil and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It is said that safflower oil has a soothing effect on skin irritations and helps against age spots. Our safflower oil has a very high proportion of linoleic acid.

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safflower oil


Award-winning, unroasted sesame oil

Our from Superior Taste Award two-star oil is a hit. We press it from unroasted, organic sesame seeds. Our sesame oil tastes pleasantly nutty and fresh and refines every dish.

Secure this extraordinary oil today and claim it Muster an.

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sesame oil

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High Protein Crisps - the vegetable protein source

Protein-rich foods are trendy. According to Mintel, more than 2,500 new products with the claim "High Protein" were launched on the market in 2015. Take advantage of this ongoing trend and combine your products with our plant-based and healthy VIOGERM® High Protein Crisps. VIOGERM is manufactured® from wheat germ, which is one of the most valuable vegetable protein sources.

We enrich our High Protein Crisps with vegetable proteins (wheat and rice). As a result, our products have a protein content of up to 70%.

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VIOGERM® High Protein Crisps

New in the range – flours and proteins

Valuable flours, which are particularly rich in proteins and roughage, are always produced during oil production. The flours are increasingly becoming an integral part of various uses and applications – Our flours are the ideal companion in the low-carb kitchen and in the gluten-free bakery, because they are simply healthy and tasty.

The Marbacher Ölmühle currently offers the following oil flours:

  •     Mandelmehl
  •     Walnussmehl
  •     grape seed flour
  •     gold flax flour

Our range also includes the following proteins:

  •     Sesamprotein
  •     sunflower protein
  •     Kürbiskernprotein
  •     peanut protein

Ideal for vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free foods.

Flour and protein overview

Contact us for more information and sample requests. Daniel Pichler will be happy to provide you with information.

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