Auszeichnungen für Sonnenblumen- und Aprikosenkernmehl

Awards for sunflower and apricot kernel flour

Awards for sunflower and apricot kernel flour

25.06.2020 14:00


The expert jury of the world's leading Taste Institute, formerly ITQI, has awarded our sunflower flour with one and our apricot kernel flour with two stars.

2 stars for our apricot kernel flour

Ein traditionelles Quatre-Quarts Kuchenrezept, hergestellt mit Aprikosenkernmehl

The jury of the international Superior Taste Awards was completely impressed by the overall impression and taste. In a quatre quarts cake, the flour is simply delicious. But apricot kernel flour can also be used excellently in other applications.

The nutty-tasting flour is made from sweet apricot kernels. It has a high protein content (42%) and ensures moist baked goods and good firmness.

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1 star for our sunflower meal 

Prämiertes Sonnenblumenmehl der Marbacher Ölmühle

The delicious sunflower flour is not only very popular because of its high protein content (44%) - it is a real all-rounder. Thanks to its high binding properties, it is used in many baked goods and can replace a significant proportion of conventional wheat flour.

Pancakes with sunflower flour also taste great. Our sunflower flour is made from peeled sunflower seeds. Have we piqued your interest?

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Pancake Rezept mit Marbacher Sonnenblumenmehl

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