About Us

Organic vegetable oils of the highest quality. Since 1899.

We are one of the leading oil mills in Germany when it comes to producing and refining high-quality vegetable oils and flours on an industrial scale. We attach great importance to the origin and quality of our oilseeds and to gentle cold pressing.

Our team works passionately to meet the high demands of our customers. The employees of the Marbacher Ölmühle also stand for healthy organic nutrition in their private lives and support the company's sustainability strategy, according to which social, economic and ecological aspects flow into all our decisions.

In addition to our standard products such as healthy, cold-pressed sunflower oil, sunflower flour and rapeseed oil, we also offer various specialties. For example, hemp oil and hemp flour or hemp protein, black cumin oil, apricot kernel flour and apricot kernel oil, almond flour and almond oil, safflower oil, peanut flour and peanut oil, sesame oil and linseed oil and linseed flour are very popular.

Because of their high protein content, our flours are not only used in vegetarian or vegan meat substitutes, but also in gluten-free baked goods.