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We cold press our oils; they have a delicious taste and are ideally suited to both food and cosmetic products.

Almond oil, cold-pressed, organic and traditional
Almond oil is one of nature's most precious gifts. Its soothing, calming effect has made it popular for skin care since ancient times. Almond oil is now primarily used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The oil is extracted from the bitter or sweet almond kernels by cold pressing.

Our oil standard range

Apricot kernel oil, cold-pressed, organic
Apricot kernel oil is an exceptionally high-quality vegetable oil. Up to 50% of the inner, soft kernel is made of precious oil. The cold-pressed oil has a characteristic fresh-fruity taste. The high proportion of mono-unsaturated fatty acids makes the oil popular in the cosmetics industry. It is very kind to the skin, with excellent moisturising properties. Apricot kernel oil is particularly suited to baby care products and sensitive skin.

Hemp seed oil, coldpressed, organic
Our high-quality hemp oil is produced from the unpeeled seeds of the hemp plant. It is dark green and has a hay-like, nutty flavour. It has a fatty acid ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 of three to one, which is considered ideal. Hemp oil is also the perfect ingredient in salads, dressings and with raw vegetables.

Linseed oil from yellow seeds, cold-pressed, organic and traditional
Linseed oil plays an important role in our nutrition because it is one of the best sources of high-quality omega-3 fatty acid.

Peanut oil, cold-pressed, organic
Peanuts contain a lot of water and are therefore dried before pressing. After the fruit has been dried and cleaned, the seeds are mechanically pressed and then filtered.

Rapeseed oil, cold-pressed, organic and traditional
Rapeseed oil, refined, organic
On account of the high oil content of its seeds, rapeseed is one of the oldest crops grown at temperate latitudes. Oil is extracted from the black seeds through cold and hot pressing procedures. Cold-pressed oils retain more vitamins than those produced from the hot pressing procedure.

Safflower oil LL, cold-pressed, organic
Today, high-quality safflower oil is used primarily in the cosmetics industry. It is absorbed by the skin very quickly and it does not cause greasiness. In the kitchen, safflower oil is ideal with salads, raw fruit and vegetables and for brief steaming and cooking. Safflower oil is used in industry to produce varnish and printing ink.

Sesame oil, virgin, organic
Sesame is one of the oldest oil plants in the world. Sesame oil is extracted from the white and black sesame seeds. The light, natural seeds provide a neutral cooking oil. Light sesame oil is also used in cosmetics. For dark sesame oil, the seeds are cleaned, dried and roasted prior to pressing.

Sunflower oil HO and LL, cold-pressed, organic
Sunflower oil HO and LL, refined, organic
High oleic sunflowers (HO sunflowers) are a special breed: their valuable plant oil can be heated. The fatty acid profile of HO sunflower oil differs from the traditional sunflower oil. The unsaturated fatty acid content, or oleic acid, is about 80% and the low saturated fatty acid content still ensures a healthy oil.

Our special oils

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Safflower oil

Sesame oil

Hemp seed oil

Apricot kernel oil

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Rapeseed oil
Sunflower oil 
from peeled seeds,

Some of our other oils won awards in 2017, 2016 and 2015. Ask us for more details.


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