Award-winning oils 2018 from the Marbach oil mill

05.06.2018 17:45

A taste category all of its own – our hemp seed oil is awarded 3 stars!

Our cold-pressed Finola variety hemp seed oil has such an outstanding flavour that it has won 3 stars in the Taste Award.  In nutritional terms, hemp seed oil can also be considered one of the wonders of nature. It has a perfectly balanced omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio of 3:1. Hemp seed oil is also the ideal ingredient in salads, dressings and with raw fruit and vegetables.

Our apricot kernel oils wins 2 stars with its unique flavour!

Join us in celebrating this achievement. Our apricot kernel oil won two stars at this year's Superior Taste Award. As well as a unique taste, it is also great for skin and hair. Our cold-pressed oil is extracted from the apricot kernel. It contains more than 60% mono-unsaturated fatty acids and has an intensely fruity taste as well as a subtle almond note. The oil forms a tasty base for salad dressings and can be used as an ingredient in desserts.