31.08.2017 16:34

Once overlooked as a waste product from oil production, they are now in high demand: seed and nut flours and the positive attributes they bring. Our on-trend flours improve the moistness and the crumb formation, keeping bakery products fresh for longer.

Long-lasting freshness thanks to our golden linseed and pumpkin seed flours

Our flours can be used to substitute up to 50% of the flour in a basic dough, creating delicious new products that are characterised by their highly moist texture and long-lasting freshness.

Our fibre-rich golden linseed and pumpkin seed flours improve the nutritional value, protein content, moistness and shelf life of bakery products. Our pumpkin seed flour also adds an attractive green colour to bakery goods.

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Replacing milk protein and egg white in bread

Marbacher Sonnenblumenmehl als Ersatz von Hühnereiweiss

Our sunflower flour is an excellent alternative to milk protein and chicken egg white, both of which are used in particular types of bread, such as tin loaves and whole-grain breads, to increase the crumb formation quality and moistness of the crumb.

Our sunflower flour has the same qualities and meets additional labelling standards: removing milk protein and egg white makes the bread suitable for vegans.

Our flours are all gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan friendly, available in organic and traditional quality.

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VIOGERM® wheat germ in bakery products

VIOGERM in Backwaren

Alongside our seed flours, our  VIOGERM® wheat germ is a proven and popular ingredient for bakery products. VIOGERM® has a pleasant sweet and nutty taste. High in fibre and protein, VIOGERM® also has a positive impact on the texture of products in various applications. It is easy and simple to use.

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Your product – packaged just for you by HOCHDORF

HOCHDORF Private Labels

We can package our flour granulations in packaging tailored to your requirements in pouches or our high-quality bag-in-box combination. Ask us for details about the packaging we recommend for your products (+41 41 914 67 71). You can find more information online.

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