BEST PARTNER – our vision

Our BEST PARTNER vision puts the focus on our customers – they are the reason we are here and we do our best for them. Our customers can rely on HOCHDORF employees to provide the best possible service, right from the start. We are only happy when the customer is happy.

The way we handle natural resources is also influenced by our BEST PARTNER approach. We are conscious that the availability of these precious natural ingredients is limited. So we handle them with care and process them into valuable products.

... we adopt a prudent approach

The HOCHDORF Group has proven track record of social and environmental responsibility since 1895. As a responsible producer of healthy foods we are duty bound to manage nature's resources in a sustainable way.

To produce healthy foods we have to protect nature. We do our utmost to make a significant contribution towards environmental sustainability.

Every two years we compile a corporate social responsibility report detailing our endeavours in this area. 

Pressing procedures in our oil mill

We have acquired decades of diverse production experience and a keen understanding of which raw materials taste good. Our wealth of knowledge and our careful, skilful approach enable us to produce oils that combine great nutritional value and taste.


All our cold-pressed oils come from the first pressing. They are freshly produced and meet customer demands for goods produced to organic farming standards.

As early as the seed selection process, we place great emphasis on a close collaboration with our suppliers. We support them for the first sowing to harvest.

Our oil mill is steeped in tradition and it is here that we use screw presses to transform selected, customer-specific oil seeds into high-quality oil. The majority of our seeds are grown organically, which enables us to produce a superior oil to your individual requirements.

We place great value on the quality management of our oils in Marbach. The entire production process for cold-pressed and refined oils, including the press cake, is certified in accordance with ISO 22000:2005. You can find the certificate here.


We can produce refined, bleached, deodorised and/or winterised oils to meet your specifications on request.

Quality and traceability

Our entire manufacturing process meets the most stringent guidelines defined by the HOCHDORF Group, with batch-related documentation to ensure the complete traceability of all our products.

Organic expertise

We process the oil seeds into high-quality oils to different organic quality standards. We conduct regular audits with our partners and produce products with the following labels:

Filling and containers

Our flexible approach means we can adapt to your requirements when it comes to filling, with plastic or metal container options between 5 and 30 litres. We can also provide steel barrels or 1,000-litre intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). We supply the containers and outer packaging; we can also provide labels if these are not supplied by the client.


We will be happy to put you in touch with the partner companies we have used to bottle our oils for many years.