Marbacher Oelmuehle Postillon 1899
Marbacher Oelmuehle 1924
Marbacher Oelmuehle 1970 alte Presse
Marbacher Oelmuehle Historik Schillerverein

More than 100 years of expertise in oil

Carl Geiger founded the oil mill as a factory in the idyllic location of Marbach am Neckar in 1899. Technical skill combined with expertise in our field – these success factors still shape our traditional business today and make us a reliable and experienced partner.

We are happy to share the expertise we have gained over more than a century. We promise our customers an innovative approach coupled with an enthusiastic attitude to developing new types of oils or researching new applications. We can tailor specific solutions to your individual needs – with facilities equally suited to one-off or batch production.

We want to impress you with our commitment to high quality and competence on a day-to-day basis – from oil seed procurement and processing to the oil products and flours themselves, and their applications.

Order a sample product of our oils and flours – experience our quality for yourself.